I don’t know what’s up with the weird dreams lately. And usually I don’t remember dreams, but these have been especially vivid. Last night I dreamed that I was in my dad’s backyard, searching for tsunami victims. I found the backpack belonging to one of my sister’s classmates. I had to assume she had been taken away by the tsunami, and this was all that was left of her. 😐 My dad came out of the house with a plastic bag containing two baby dragonflies. He explained that he had killed their mother, so we had to take care of them. He put them on my shoulder, and immediately they decided that I was their new parent. It wasn’t a problem at first, but within minutes they had grown to be the length of my leg, and were constantly perched on my shoulder, snapping onto my arm with huge pincher things on their mouths. I had to grab the pinchers and open them, twisting them off of my arm. I was always afraid that I’d wrench off the head of the dragonfly, releasing all kinds of unpleasantness. 😐 I had to wake myself up again to escape this uncomfortable situation. I think that’s the bulk of the sleep I had last night, because I couldn’t sleep otherwise.

It probably had something to do with the amount of caffeine I consumed last night. I had had a couple of cans of Coke and some very strong Serbian coffee. I was at my friend Nick’s Slava, which was his family’s celebration of their patron saint, John the Baptist. I go to this every year, and we eat until we can’t move, drink, and laugh at his father. His dad is a hilarious, happy drunk. Last night he was telling us about the Niagara casino’s Nikola Tesla exhibit. He goes to the casino to watch the 30 minute movie about Tesla because Tesla was a famous Serbian physicist. We also learned that Einstein’s wife was Serbian, and that he stole all of his best ideas from her. And finally he told us about the dog he had back in Serbia named Taxi. Apparently Taxi got killed in traffic. Although all of us realized the sadness of this story, the irony was too much for us, and we couldn’t resist laughing. I told him that he should just stand by the side of the road and put up his hand to get another Taxi. :nod: