Feb 18, 11:30pm

I did some shopping today, but wasn’t really in the mood. It was just fun to wander around and watch people. Seems like a bit of a waste of a day in Bangkok, but no big deal I guess. At 4pm I met Sophia (pinkcookie from dA) at the Phrom Phong BTS station and we went to have a coffee. It was odd to be talking to someone about dA again. I hadn’t given it much thought lately. Anyway, Sophia is cool, and we had a good time and a good chat.

Later in the evening, I went to see Kung Fu Hustle, a Chinese movie dubbed into Thai, and subtitled in English. What a riot. It was a cross between an old-school campy kung fu comedy and a Looney Toons cartoon. Anyway, hilarious.

Theatres in Thailand are of a different breed than the ones we have at home. Everyone working there is ultra-polite. There’s also assigned seating. The theatres themselves are enormous, and the seats are large easy-chairs. I was kind of snoozing through the previews, when I heard everyone behind me standing up (there was no one sitting in front of me). They were playing some kind of tribute to the King of Thailand before the film, and everyone was standing up. I looked a bit silly being the last one to stand up, and the last one to sit down too.

For some reason I wasn’t really hungry for dinner. I went for most of the day without eating anything. After dinner, I walked around a lot looking for something to snack on, but didn’t find anything appealing. I was kind of craving some of those satay skewers, or meatballs, but couldn’t find any at that time of night. I’ve settled for a bag of Lays potato chips: Siam Classic flavor. It seems to be chili, lime and ginger. I also bought a bag of lobster flavored chips, but I doubt I’ll get to those tonight…