Did a contact dance class tonight. I think it was very useful. It was in place of the normal advanced improv class that we usually do on Thursday nights. Hamilton improv tends to be a lot of talking heads, so it ws great to have everyone interacting on different physical levels and coming into contact with each other. It’s not like we’re uncomfortable with each other. It’s just that physicality seldom enters our minds when we’re on stage. I was enjoying watching how the instructor moved. Very smooth and graceful. I’m so klunky in comparison. 😛

Today I arranged to shoot promo photos for the upcoming Sex and the City show that will be performed live at the Toronto Fringe Festival. I also firmed up plans to shoot an improv duo that improvises paintings and music from an audience suggestion. Another one that’s coming together is a hip hop dance team. I’m loving the variety of photo shoots I’m getting these days. Always a new challenge! 🙂