The weekend was fun, but where did it go so fast? Saturday I was in Toronto for my improv class. Class was crazy. In one of our organic openings, I ended up being ice cream. I got licked twice, and then bitten on the top of the head twice. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then I met up for dinner with an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages. We had Thai food, which was nothing like Thai food in Thailand, but still good. I miss the little pots of condiments: chilli pepper, sugar, fish sauce, chillis in rice wine vinegar that they put on the tables in every restaurant in Thailand. I wonder why they don’t do that here? I guess they figure they spice their food perfectly here and it doesn’t need any adjustment.

Yesterday I had another practice for Crazy Eights. It was great. I’m so excited about the show. We talked about marketing too, and I handed out the completed posters. The group is very enthusiastic, and the format is lots of fun to play. I can’t wait to put it on stage. 🙂