Normal life is insinuating itself into my fantasy world. I hate it. 😛 I spent the last week mainly trying to get over the jetlag, which was more severe than I could have imagined. I thought it would be easy… get back late at night, have a good sleep, wake up refreshed and ready to go the next day. Naive? Obviously so. I had a lot of confusion this week. I’d go to bed at normal times, but wake up at 3AM, then lie in bed until 5 or 6. Then at about 3PM I’d get so sleepy I was nauseous. I’d have to lie down, or I’d pass out doing whatever I was doing. Then I’d wake up at about 7PM and think it was morning (I actually yelled at a telemarketer who woke me up at 7PM and said “Don’t you know it’s 7AM?!” to which she replied, “Errrr… ahhhh… ummm…”). Anyway, yesterday was my first kind of jetlag-free day.

I’ve been doing a lot of normal things. The first day back, I had a photoshoot with a girl from Bangkok who needed photos for her modeling portfolio. Ironic that I come all the way back to Canada from Thailand and the first person I meet is from Bangkok. I also did a shoot yesterday with Nada for the Crazy Eights poster. That was hilarious. I’m in a bit of a creative bind about the layout of the poster, but I’m working on it.

I’ve been working a lot, but not too much. The pace is fine. I guess I could be working harder, but couldn’t we all? I bought a new monitor that makes work easier and more fun. I figured I needed that to motivate me. So far it hasn’t made things more fun, but they’re easier anyway. I can plug two computers into it at once, and switch back and forth with a button. That makes me smile.


Last night I had my first improv class since coming back. People really liked my blog. Apparently a lot of people read it. I wrote it mainly for myself, but it’s an awesome bonus when other people enjoy it too. As for the improv, I was slightly rusty, but it was awesome to reconnect with friends again. It made me feel very good to be back.