I totally want these books:

I saw something about them on 60 Minutes last night, and they seem to sum up everything I’ve been feeling about public communications lately. Politicians, corporations, the news media–they all spout so much crap it’s hard to extract any shred of truth from them. Take my shampoo for example. According to the packaging, it makes my hair 3X smoother. Seriously. 3X smoother? I guess if I had a hair smoothness-o-metre I could actually test that claim. On TV, I saw an ad in which Bayer claims to have the brand of aspirin that has saved the most lives due to heart failure. What? How would they know that? I’m skeptical. And now we’re heading into a period of unprecedented bullshit. We’re going to have another election this summer, and the politicians are heating up the pot and throwing in more and more BS so it has become a completely impenetrable stew of the stuff. I don’t have faith that a single one of them is telling the truth about anything. The truth is so highly undervalued these days. 🙁