Today was our annual Condo Cleanup Day. We use this day to fix up all the various messes that have occurred over the winter, and get the lawn and flowerbeds looking presentable for the warm weather. It’s a great opportunity to meet the neighbours, since we don’t usually socialize. It was actually kind of fun. My job was to pull up weeds and help spread this red mulch stuff around the base of our cedar bushes.

As we did last year, we talked about building some kind of patio at the side of the building where we could put a barbeque. As usual, probably nothing will happen with this plan. But at least I know everyone else in the building is also fantasizing about being able to grill meat at home 😀

Anyway, all of us are concerned about the neighbourhood. There seem to be a lot of rough kids around. Dave’s truck got shot with paintballs last week after he called the cops on some neighbour’s kids who were firing fireworks at our building and our cars. If we do get a barbeque, it will have to be chained to the building and surrounded by electrical fences to keep the brats out.