This is probably the longest time I’ve gone between journal entries. It’s been an insane month so far, with little time for anything other than work and shooting and improv. It feels like everyone wants something from me all the time. For a while it was getting quite unpleasant, and I have to keep reminding myself that life needs to be fun. I need to take time for myself to take care of things that urgently need doing, like renewing my car license plate stickers, buying groceries and going to the gym.

I’ve been doing a ton of shooting. The Universoul Dancers were fun to shoot, as was a whole lot of portfolio stuff for Max. I did two headshot shoots this morning and I’m happy with the results.

Tonight I had another Jackrabbit Slim show in Toronto at Clinton’s Tavern. The show was okay but not great. It was pretty raw with lots of dirty content. We had a smallish crowd, at least partially due to it being Mother’s Day. It felt overall positive though because I feel like we’re really bonding well as a team. We have a great comfort level with each other, and I think it translates well to the stage. :nod:

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I felt a bit lonely as I drove to the cemetary to visit Mom’s grave. I saw everyone out with their mothers at the Botanical Gardens, or grabbing a hot dog at Easterbrook’s. It was like other people with mothers belonged to a club that I was no longer eligible for. Felt empty. 🙁 Anyway, it was peaceful to be at the cemetary alone to just reflect for a while.