It was good, actually. There was plenty of sword-clashing, blood-lusting action, strong acting, and a good pace. Orlando Bloom’s character was sickeningly virtuous, but I suppose that was the whole point. The film struck me as being a bit obvious in its modern liberal attitudes and political correctness. I mean, literally half of the Christian crusaders were downright friendly with everyone, striking a “Why-Can’t-We-All-Just-Get-Along” stance when it came to living with the Jews and the Muslims. It was the other half of them that were the real troublemakers. Strangely enough, this other half was made up of the Knights Templar, whom I had been led to believe by Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code were actually secretly working against the Catholic church. Equally surprising was the number of characters who resembled Klingons from Star Trek.

Anyway, one thing that stood out to me was Bloom’s oath to tell the truth, even if it should lead to your death. Dramatic but effective. I guess putting that one to the test would really show who’s got courage and who doesn’t. Another message was to always strive to make your world a better place. Who can argue with that one? :nod: