Finding my journal slow to load lately? I just figured out why. I was looking at the site rankings for deviantART at and found that dA is ranked 455 in the world 😀 Pretty cool! Well, I checked out my own site just for the sake of interest. I see that I’m ranked 455,535 in the world. I kinda laughed because that doesn’t seem high in comparison. But then it kicked in that it is within the top 500,000 sites in the world. That’s actually a lot of pageviews for my crappy Celeron 333MHz server with 256MB of RAM and 20GB hard drive. In addition to, the server also hosts this journal, my portfolio site,,,,, and It’s also hosting email for those domains, spam filtering, plus mySQL, DNS, and SSH. Yeah. I need a new server. I’m investigating what it will take to move all of this stuff to the new server. I’m paranoid about the whole thing just dying one day. I’d be so screwed 😛