I took my last walk around Helsinki this morning. I took the tram down to the train station, then wandered around for a while. The streets were nearly deserted because it had been raining all morning. Fortunately for me, the sky was clearing rapidly and the sun was coming out again. I visited the famous cathedral, which every tourist is obligated to photograph while in Helsinki. I was no exception. I wanted to be a bit original though. Lo and behold, the opportunity to shoot a little Battleship Potemkin tribute arose. Congratulations to those film buffs who actually get what I’m talking about after seeing the photos below.

I also went back to the market to have lunch. I had a fried salmon steak seasoned with dill and fresh red peppercorns and a creamy garlic sauce. It came with Parisienne potatoes and some green salad. They somehow folded the salmon steak backwards on itself so it was boneless. Neat trick. I need to learn that. I walked back to the train station through the park. I found a group of Native Americans in full traditional wear playing pan flutes and photographing each other on the street. You don’t see that every day in Helsinki.

This afternoon we leave for Tampere to take me to the airport. I don’t know how much access I’ll have to the Internet from this point on. I don’t think there’s much Internet access where I’ll be in England, so this might be the last entry for a while.