Well, I’m back, and I’m at full speed already. I had tons of emails when I returned, and there are a whole bunch of work voicemails waiting for my attention. In my email there were three requests for photo shoots and three requests for time for prints modeling work. Apparently my name is getting out there somehow.

I’m exhausted now. It’s 1:30am, and I still have a touch of jetlag, so it feels more like 6am. I’ve been going all day. I had improv class in Toronto, which was kind of fun. We just did three person conversation scenes today, and many of them worked out great. I haven’t done improv for ages, and I thought I’d be rusty, but I felt pretty good today. I guess it’s like riding a bike.

I’m having to get used to grocery shopping and cooking my own food again. I made jerk chicken tonight with corn on the cob. Nice and easy.

After dinner I went to Gage Park to catch David Wilcox performing at the Festival of Friends. The park was just absolutely jammed with people. Wilcox’s blues/rock music suits Hamilton’s working-class masses perfectly.

There are a lot of artisans selling their wares at the Festival. The only ones that really interested me, and actually made me pay attention were these Chinese silk embroidered images. From a distance they looked like paintings done in traditional watercolor, or charcoal drawings. But on closer inspction it was clear they were entirely embroidered with fine silk thread of many colors. My favorites were the subdued black and white scenes of an old village in China. I’d love to have one of these some day 🙂

There are many more of this kind of thing at www.silkart.ca

Anyway, I keep passing out in my chair as I write this so obviously I need some sleep. More later 🙂