Riding bikes is fun. I bought a bike rack from Canadian Tire, and brought my bike home from Dad’s place. It was very dusty, and there was no air at all in the tires. I don’t think I’ve ridden it in at least 2 years. The last time I went riding seriously, I nearly killed myself because the clutch in the bottom bracket, which allows the pedals to freewheel backwards and the bike to roll forwards without turning the pedals, seized up and the pedals were no longer connected to the wheel that turns the chain. So, when I put a lot of force into trying to go up a hill, they just spun with no resistance. That was a nasty surprise that resulted in some severe bruising and a lot of humiliation. 😛

After that, I pumped a ton of oil into the bottom bracket to free it up. Last night I put some air into the tires and tried it out. It seems to be fine. I didn’t put a ton of force on it, but so far it seems safe. I went for a longer than expected ride last night. I rode through Gage Park, then back along Cumberland. It was so beautiful out last night that I didn’t want to come home. Plus, the exercise makes my lungs open up and my allergy symptoms disappear. I’m going to try to ride more often now, as long as the weather is good.

As a side note, the neighbour dude cleared away the pile of crap after a few of us confronted him in the parking lot. He was on the phone to the contractor who moved the pile within an hour. There’s still a 1cm cake of dirt over everything. Hopefully we can get him to powerwash the lot too.