Our neighbour has seen fit to dump a huge pile of crap on our parking lot. It basically comes from underneath his giant, code-violating balcony that is doing a dangerous-looking lean over our parking lot already. He didn’t ask permission, didn’t get a permit to excavate, he just had a bobcat driver dig up all this dirt and garbage and dump it in our lot. It’s been there for a week already, and there’s no sign of it moving. The composition of this pile seems to be largely mud, but there is a high percentage of hazardous materials in there too. There’s broken shards of wood, metal and glass, not to mention rusty nails and food waste. I’m worried about some kids playing in our lot getting cut or injured.

We’ve made some calls to the city about the problem, as well as to the contractor who dumped the stuff there, but there hasn’t been any improvement. If it’s not gone by tomorrow we’ll be calling the police I guess. Right now we’re not feeling too charitable. We might just report his dangerous looking balcony and have it torn down too.