I got my IP phone working! The story is that I didn’t notice that my AC adapter for the VOIP box only supports 120V AC current, and the current here is 220V. Normally, these AC adapters can deal with both, so I just plugged it in. Of course it stopped working immediately. Anyway, I was prepared to buy a new universal AC adapter here for 29 Euros, but Jen’s new scanner arrived in the mail today. Fortunately that scanner’s AC adapter fits perfectly with my VOIP box, so now I have a Canadian dial tone. If you want to call me here during the next few days, feel free to call my office number 905-573-7009. I may not answer but I’ll call you back if you leave a message.

Today we went downtown and walked around for a while. I quite like the architecture here. It’s hard to explain since I don’t know much about architecture, but each building is quite unique. There are cobblestone streets and trams everywhere. We took a train to see Marianne, who is mnoo on deviantART, and her husband Stu. Marianne made us more traditional Finnish food, including a pasta dish made with ground meat, milk, eggs and cheese, baked in a casserole. It was quite good. We drank Finnish beer too, from Lapland.

Tonight we’ll sit around and relax for a while. Tomorrow morning I’ll get up and walk downtown to take some photos, if the weather is alright.


Here’s a snapshot Jen took of me in my Helsinki Command Centre (i.e. the corner of her kitchen).