Well I’ve been feeling generally lazy and unfit lately, mainly because it’s been hard to get into a groove after coming back from my trips. I haven’t been going to the gym as regularly as I used to. With gas prices so high, and the gym being much further away than it used to be (when I lived on Nash, it was about a 2 minute drive, now it takes 20 to get there) I feel even less motivated. As a result, I spend a lot of time feeling kinda flat and unenergetic. Today I decided to ride my bike down to the mall to grab a chinup bar to tide me over between trips to the gym. On my way there I realized how unfriendly drivers are to bicyclists. Share the road, people! Man, I got pushed out of the way and honked at and shouted at several times, and I was just riding safely, watching for traffic and staying to my lane. It was still kinda fun though. Crazy stuff.

Anyway, I bought a chinup bar at Canadian Tire, and while I was there I bought one of those inflateable rubber balls for stretching and doing crunches on. It came with a fun red syringe thing. I may try to incorporate that into a Hallowe’en costume of some type… hmm…

Currently I’m using the crazy syringe to fill the ball with air. That is a workout in itself. It’s like filling a bucket with a teaspoon. It’s working though.

The chinup bar is great. You basically turn the inner part of it to make the outer parts screw outwards to secure themselves to the inside of a doorframe. I tightened it up and heard a cracking noise. It was basically ratcheting the doorframe apart. Oops. I’ll have to find a better way to secure it without ruining my house. I’ve done some chinups already and my arms and back are tired but happy. I’ve realized that I need regular exercise or my body starts to rebel.

Anyway, back to the lab… I must finish injecting!