It was a dA kind of weekend. I spent Saturday hanging out with Diny and Hesi, and Sunday with Diny, Maha, Scarf and Alina. It was great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. On Sunday we watched a full season of the Dave Chappelle show, including the much often-quoted Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories. Now I know the real meaning of “I’m Rick James, bitch!” If you want to know too, check it out:

It’s so unbelievable it’s believable, if you know what I mean.

Today I took it pretty easy. I submitted a number of photos to dA, then went for a bike ride. It was beautiful out, and I felt pretty good. I tackled some long hills and really felt the burn. I haven’t had a good cardio workout like that for quite some time.

Manyk showed me another cool website. It’s the Neave Lab Flash Earth, which takes a few different sources of satellite imagery and makes them into a scrollable, zoomable interactive map of the planet. It’s really easy to find places you’ve been if you’re familiar with the terrain. For instance, the crosshair on this link is on my hotel in Chiang Mai. This could be quite a good tool for future travel blogs. 🙂