I’ve always known it’s a bad idea to go grocery shopping while hungry. But, when you’re actually hungry and have no food in your house to eat before going shopping, there’s not much to be done about it. Now I’ve got a whole load of food that I need to deal with. Keep in mind that I usually buy food for one or two meals at a time. Usually one.

From the Chinese grocery store I bought: salmon steak, cilantro, green onions, mango-flavored drink boxes, two kinds of tofu (regular and fried puffy balls of tofu), Shanghai bok choy, superior golden extrafine quality light soya sauce (it had better be damn good with that kind of name), and a few tins of canned Chinese fish with black beans. The Chinese fish is better than it sounds. No, really.

From the No Frills store I bought: ground pork, bread, perogies, sour cream, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, pasta, cheese, milk, South African navel oranges (omg delicious), baby carrots and something I can’t explain my reasoning behind buying… a giant simmering beef roast. So my question is: is there such a thing as a pot roast party, and would anyone attend if there was?