People are so good to me. I’m lucky to have great friends. Case in point: Dad is away with Sherry in China, leaving me with a void in my Thanksgiving weekend schedule where a family dinner might otherwise sit. No big deal to me. However, Danie was kind enough to offer a vegan Thanksgiving dinner to me on Sunday night at her mother’s place. It was yummy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more vegetables on one table. I particularly enjoyed the kale. There was tofurkey, which is more or less unlike turkey, formed into a ball, and filled with stuffing. It’s better than it sounds. I even liked the brussel sprouts, which I had declared unfit for consumption in 1986.

Today was a statutory holiday, but as usual, I didn’t know that last week, so I booked myself an appointment for this morning with a client. Fortunately, he didn’t know it was a statutory holiday either. Neither one of us will become a labour lawyer I guess. Anyway, I did the job, and it was easy.

Tonight, Alisha felt sorry for me not having Thanksgiving dinner too. She brought me a plate of turkey, ham, potatoes, carrots and peas, and a slice of pumpkin pie. Currently I’m eating the turkey and eagerly awaiting the sedative effects of the triptophan sp?) in it to kick in. Last night I learned that triptophan can also prevent dogs from having seizures, so I feel completely protected from canine epilepsy. I may encourage Dad to go away next Thanksgiving too. This could be a really nice tradition. 😛