I booked airline tickets for me and Dad today. We’re going to Los Angeles on December 2 to meet up with Uncle Wayne, then driving up to Mammoth to ski from December 4 – 8. We’re flying back on December 10. I’m learning from experience. This time, no red-eye flight from L.A. We’re leaving on Saturday morning (to avoid as much of the L.A. traffic as possible) and getting back at night. That way I won’t be struggling to sleep on the plane. Hopefully this will make it easy to get a normal night’s sleep when I get home. Tickets were $330 each including taxes to fly return from Buffalo with one stop in Detroit.

I’ve also started shopping for a place to buy the new camera. I can save USD $200 by buying it from www.priceritephoto.com instead of www.bhphotovideo.com where I usually get stuff. Sometimes these places have low prices, and super-high shipping prices to make up for it. This place has free shipping. They have ridiculously high prices for accessories. Sometimes if places do that, they make up excuses and delay shipping, trying to get you to buy the accessories. It has a decent rating from CNet, but I’m still a bit nervous. Seems too good to be true… I still have a few days to wait for my credit card payment to go through so I can actually afford to get the camera (I spent a lot of money for work last month) so I have time to think about it.

One thing that’s a really useful development in the last few years is that you can now register multiple shipping addresses with your credit card company. This way, vendors can check your shipping address to make sure it really belongs to you and it’s not some h4X0r kid trying to rip you off.

So, I’ll probably be ordering the new camera in the next couple of days. In the meantime, does anyone want to buy a used 10D?