Well, my 10D went for about $845 on Ebay. It’s less than I would have liked, but Ebay seems to find the market value for something. Other similar cameras are selling for similar amounts. Look at it from this perspective: I paid about $1600 altogether for Baby D and the battery grip. I shot with her for over 2 years. I took over 18,000 photos. In the end, I got $845 back. That’s $755 for for 16 months of use, or roughly $47 per month. It’s about four cents per photo. I pay more than that for cell phone service, and I enjoyed Baby D a whole lot more than my cell phone. Not too bad, I think!

I got payment quickly from the buyer, and I took it to the post office, all within an hour of the auction closing. Baby D has a new home now. 🙂