Every year we wait too long to plan a New Years celebration. This year is no exception. Culver and Jess came through though, and we had a get together at their house in Toronto. It was fantastic to be with these close friends again especially after not having seen them for so long.

I think my focus for this year is to rebuild some of the relationships and friendships that have been put on hold or disrupted because of the fun chaos of 2005. I’m going to concentrate less on travel and the outside world, and more on things that are closer to me. I’m going to try harder to organize opportunities to hang out with friends, and possibly host a party or two here. I’m going to reconsider the layout of my home to make it easier to shoot here. I’m going to do some renovations too to make life here more convenient.

That’s as close as I’m going to get to making New Years Resolutions. 😛