I’ve been driving around for ages, feeling like my tires are flat. The car was seemed just a bit sluggish and soft when cornering. I figured it was just age, because the car is now almost four years old. Besides, I always seem to be on my way somewhere, and I never think to stop and put air in the tires. But today I noticed one of the tires did look a bit low. I got out the free electronic tire pressure gauge Subaru sent me in an attempt to bribe me to buy another Subaru. It had been sitting on my couch, being extremely useful. I’m useful in the same way when sitting on the couch. Odd. Anyway, the tire pressure gauge told me that my tires are all about 5-7psi too low. That’s what was making the car feel so mushy, and it was probably killing my fuel economy too. I drove two blocks to the gas station, where they have a free air pump. I topped up the tires, and went home again, noticing how much nicer the car was handling. It took less than 10 minutes.
This entry is to remind me of two things: to trust myself when i think that there’s something weird about the car, and to not be so lazy. 😛