I just saw a promotion for a news feature about the Karla Homolka case, which is going to tell the whole story about the French and Mahaffey murders. I find it a bit odd that people are outraged that there’s a Hollywood movie about it, yet the news media keeps peddling the story over and over again. There really isn’t much difference. In the end, the news media are profiteering from the tragedy as much as anyone else. Unless some new shit has come to light, why the need to rehash it?

Anyway, today has been a long day. I did sleep a bit later than planned before going to the gym this morning. I didn’t get there until about 7:30, which makes it a bit tough to get everything done and be back here so I can shower before starting work. I had to cram a bunch of work in quickly, because I had a shoot at 1pm.

It was a pretty good shoot. Lindsay was the model, and we did some kind of experimental glamour photos. She wanted to involve some sheer purple fabric. It was kind of like an episode of The Iron Chef except for photography. Maybe I could make a show called The Iron Photographer… Anyway, I made a number of photos involving purple sheer fabric.


Ok, admittedly only one of them clearly shows the purple fabric. There are others though. I am just too tired to process them tonight.