My cell phone just got 30X more awesome. At least. I was unsure about whether I wanted to keep this phone, or upgrade to the Razr, because the Razr comes with a USB cable for uploading images. But today I found a site that lets you do that via the phone’s built-in browser. I spent some time uploading photos for people in my address book. It made me realize that I’ve photographed a lot of people that i know 😐 Mmm… eventually useful.


The site also has tools for creating and uploading custom ringtones. Now my phone rings like Jack Bauer’s in 24. Shut up. I know that the cool ringer sound belongs to his desk phone and not his mobile. How am I supposed to hunt terrorists without the cool phone noises? 😛

The guy who hosts that site even allows you to download the software to run a site like his on your own server. It’s the coolness of random people on the Internet that makes it so great, I think. I donated money to him via Paypal, because I’d rather pay him to let me use my own photos, than pay Bell to use someone else’s. 🙂