I’ve been sitting on this information for a while, wondering what to do with it. Basically I was trying to figure out where pageviews on my portfolio were coming from, because I can’t explain the number of views certain images are getting. This report shows all public images in my online portfolio ranked by views. My log files show that my portfolio site is getting from 80,000 to 100,000 unique visitors per month.

I started a little investigation, and discovered that my photos do pretty well in Google Images. If you type any of the following keywords into Google Images, one of my photos will come up on the first page of results:

wet dripping glamour anticipation magnetewan hands trimester pregnancy hair tamara purity contemplation sisters hesitation lipstick sunkist hero compel doorframe thinking stormy lucy elegance asiatic relaxed launch driving softly forward photographer illuminati alabaster finished midnight upreach ambition femme slippery satisfy martini

Some of these are fairly popular image searches, which is why certain images from my gallery are getting so many hits. I’m not sure what this is earning me right now. It’s certainly not making me rich, but I’m sure it’s useful in some way. I wish I was better at scheming devious plans to take advantage of it…