Big in Japan got accepted into the annual Del Close Improv Marathon in New York City. It’s a non-stop weekend festival of improv, spanning several stages. Our time slot is 12 noon on July 30, at the UCB Mainstage. I had half expected us to get a crappy 6AM time slot on an obscure stage, if we got in at all. But noon on Sunday on the main stage is pretty good. We were hyped about the news.

Last night’s show was a lot of fun. We were down to four people, because several of us couldn’t make it. Summer is a busy time for everyone, and I think we’re going to be shorthanded for a lot of shows. Last night, we basically threw away the Harold form and jammed out some quick-paced scenes based on our suggestion of “toad.” It was great playing with a small group. Not only did it boost our confidence and energy, but we got a chance to play multiple characters again. Sometimes with a larger group playing a set format like Harold, we don’t get to play more than one character. Anyway, we’re riding high now. 🙂