Well, I haven’t felt much like writing lately. No real explanation for it. Just kinda feel unmotivated, you know? I don’t have the feeling it’s negative, or positive, or anything. It’s just the way it is right now.

I dragged myself here to provide a bit of an update though. On the topic of Big in Japan’s trip to NYC, we’ve started discussing the details amongst ourselves. There are nine of us on the team who will be making the trip, plus a few other people like friends, significant others, family members, etc. All of us have different budgets and schedules, so we worked a bit on figuring out the best options to make the trip as much fun and as inexpensive as possible. First of all, we’re going to stay in a hostel. We chose one that’s not too far away, and that also has 10-bed dorm rooms. Since it’s an improv marathon, we won’t be sleeping much anyway. If we rent the whole room, we can lock it up and our stuff will be safe inside while we hang out at the theatre or explore the city. I’m going to book the room on Tuesday when the manager returns after Memorial Day.

We also decided we’ll probably fly down from Buffalo instead of driving or bussing. It’s only about $130 to fly from Buffalo if we get the flights early enough, and that’s cheaper than a bus from Toronto. Driving down takes about 10 hours each way, and isn’t much cheaper than flying if we’re renting a car.

We’re going to hold a couple of fundraising events to help defray the costs of our trip. I think there will be a variety night of some kind, with comedy, music, a DJ, etc. We can also hold a BBQ. We have less than two months to go, but we’re getting to work on it ASAP.

In other news, I’ve been offered an opportunity to shoot someone’s wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico next February. I had thought about going back to Asia around that time, but I’ll make some money shooting this wedding, so the worst it can do is delay my travel plans for Asia. Usually I won’t shoot weddings, but I can make an exception in this case!

My brilliant sister Jadine is graduating with a Masters of Science from the University of British Columbia’s School of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene tomorrow morning. She’ll be an Occupational Hygienist. Congratulations, Jadine! I will have to refrain from asking her to clean my teeth. That’s a different kind of hygienist.