I saw this last night, not expecting a lot. I definitely got what I expected. I can’t say it was terrible, but I can’t say it was good either. It was satisfactory enough from the “blowing stuff up” perspective. Indeed a lot of things blew up, including a gorgeous Lamborghini. I think I’m getting a bit tired of these “over-produced” movies. The lighting was ridiculous, to the point that it was distracting. Everything, including abandoned factories and warehouses, seemed lit with multiple colored lights. Every time there was a closeup on an actor’s face, it was lit with yellow on one side, blue on one side, with orange hair lights and various other fills. It felt like the whole thing took place inside a Christmas tree or something. Compared to MI:3, CSI looks like film noir.

Usually I’m a fan of Tom Cruise as an actor. I don’t really care what he does in his spare time or his private life. I mean, what do we really know about those things anyway other than what’s fed to us by tabloids and publicists? Anyway, I didn’t find his performance to be too compelling in MI:3. Perhaps it was the heavy layer of cheese that smothered the entire production, but there was something about his performance that didn’t ring quite true.

Philip Seymour Hoffman played the bad guy, as usual. I have to say that I usually find him to be deliciously detestable. He plays evil so convincingly that I could barely stand to look at him on screen in The Talented Mr. Ripley, and seeing him play a nice guy equally well in State and Main, I was throroughly impressed with his ability. He was strong in MI:3, but I don’t think the ponderous script and production gave him much opportunity to really shine.
I did enjoy seeing Asian action star Maggie Q in this movie. She didn’t have a big role, but this is a big break for her. Hopefully we see her in more roles soon.
I guess MI:3 is worth watching. It’s not bad as far as the genre goes, but doesn’t break any new ground. Maybe I’ve been softened up by watching trash like Elektra and Domino, but I’m willing to give MI:3 a half-hearted recommendation. 6 out of 10.