I’m a shame to artsy people everywhere. I’ve returned to my old habits of cheering for the Blue Jays. It’s been a long time since the Blue Jays organization has fielded a team worth watching, but this year’s team is really good. I guess I do remember enough about baseball to appreciate that. Anyway, I am finding that I watch entire games now, from the opening pitch until the final out. I think the only time in my life that I enjoyed watching baseball more was when I was involved in an online baseball pool with my friends. Nothing like putting bragging rights on the line to motivate us.

But, the shame doesn’t stop there! I am also fully involved in watching the Stanley Cup Finals! The damn Edmonton Oilers are putting on such a show of heart and teamwork, even after losing the goalie that carried them all the way there! I was cheering and yelling at the TV too. Oh no.

My shame is completed by the fact that I’m enjoying FIFA World Cup soccer. I’m not cheering for anyone in particular, but seeing all of these different countries and cultures meeting to play a common game is really inspirational. I also find it cool how slow a game can seem for two hours until there’s a sudden flurry of action and someone scores a goal. I also find the rolling-around-on-the-grass-clutching-wounded-knees-after-being-touched-lightly-by-an-opposing-player hilarious. In today’s match I saw a French and a Korean player both leap for the ball at once. The French player’s knee bashed into the side of the Korean’s head. Both players went down. The French guy was clutching his knee in agony. They brought out the stretcher in case he was incapacitated an incapable of walking. Not surprisingly, he was perfectly fine within minutes. Unfortunately, the Korean had to leave the game with a concussion. I don’t think he was faking it. There should be some Academy Awards presented at the end of the tournament.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go out and search for a hat with cup holders attached, and straws leading to my mouth. I’ll also pick up a giant sponge hand with the index finger pointing up, and text that says, “We’re #1!” on it, paint my face with a Blue Jays logo, and stick Vernon Wells bobble head doll to the dashboard of my car. Ok. Maybe not. But, I’ll definitely be watching the Oilers battle the Hurricanes in game seven on Monday night! Let’s go Oilers, let’s go!