I’ll just ruin the surprise ending to this story and tell you that my ass was saved yet again by someone nice. I guess I’m just getting lucky this year. I managed to leave my wallet on top of my car after filling up my car with gas in Toronto after the improv show. I just drove off into the night, and obviously my wallet fell off onto Spadina Avenue. It didn’t occur to me that it was missing until I got back to Hamilton and started looking around for it. Then the horrible realization set in and I remembered where I had left it. It was like Raising Arizona. I contemplated driving back to Toronto to look for it, but that was a long shot. Even though it was close to midnight, it was Spadina Avenue, and it is crawling with all kinds of people at all hours of the day.

I contemplated all the things I’d have to replace that were in my wallet. The $100 in cash was no big deal compared to my driver’s license, my Visa card, my American Express card, my Royal Bank card, and my Interac card. I don’t even know what else was in there, but certainly my life would suck since I’d have no access to money at all until I replaced the plastic.

Anyway, I went into the house to look up the phone number for the gas station on Spadina. Maybe they would have found my wallet, or a customer would have turned it in. Turns out I had a message from a stranger, saying, “Hey Kevin, did you lose something? I found your wallet on Spadina. Call me back.” I called the guy back and hopefully we’ll be able to meet tomorrow so I can get it back.

I say again, I survive only because of the kindness of strangers. I may have used up all of my good karma for the year, and it’s only June. Man. I’m nervous.