Well, since I own a PC, which apparently can do wonders with a pie chart, I thought I’d represent what occupies my mind during waking hours. Of course, this was a highly scientific process, involving hours of delicate psychological testing with finely calibrated instruments.


I think the pie chart is like a long exposure of my life right now. At any given moment, the slices can shift. For instance, while doing a photo shoot, the pie would be about 99% “Photography” and 1% “Just Kickin’ It.” I’d say these are probably average figures for the month of July.

Why a pie chart? I’ve been thinking about balance in life, and how it pays off to be balanced, so that if for some reason, a giant slice of your pie is removed, you can still survive without feeling purposeless or emotionally destroyed. Balancing protects me from being devastated if I have a photo shoot that doesn’t turn out right, or if I bomb on stage in an improv set. I’m going to keep an Excel file with these values in it, so I can check in every once in a while to see how that mix is mixing.