This has been a pretty good week, overall. It has felt long, which is why I say “week” even though it’s only Wednesday. Work has been a bit slow, but only because I’ve chosen it to be that way. I had a great dinner at Dad’s last night. He made Chinese food. Of course, we just call it food. 😛 I had been craving it for a long time, especially since France and Toronto’s Greek Town are not the best places to get it. We had chicken curry, Chinese broccoli (we just call it.. nevermind), and roast pork. Yum. Dad’s a fantastic cook. I learned my love of food and cooking from him. Afterwards we just sat and talked for about three hours. Usually we turn on the TV and talk during commercials, but we didn’t feel like it. We talked about travel, and family, and cars, and sports, and food, and usual Kev/Dad stuff. A totally enjoyable evening.

I got some emails from old friends whom I haven’t spoken to in years, like my university roommate Chandler, and my camping buddy Dennis. I’d kind of lost touch with these guys over the years, but I know that when we get together to hang out, it will be just like old times. All of us have had major changes in our lives since last we met, but deep down we’re each the same as we were back then. That’s how it’s always been. I can’t wait to meet up and catch up.

I heard part of an interview with Atom Egoyan about his new film, which is done in a film noire style. He’s a very complex dude, and talked about wanting to create the film noire style without lampooning or caricaturing it. He also talked about how he likes to play up on the tension between what you can see and what is beyond your realm of perception. He described the film The Matrix as being a very simplistic illustration of this concept, and that he prefers a more subtle approach. For instance, exploring the difference between people’s public and private personas, and how everyone has this divide, but some people go to great lengths to hide it. Interesting.

Other than that, I’m just adjusting to “normal” life again. After traveling and the improv festival, things are depressingly plain again. It’s not intolerable, but I sure feel the craving to be on a plane or exploring some mysterious city again.