Wow I’m tired. There was tons of work to do this week. Things seemed to take longer than they should, and a bit of jetlag that hit me around Wednesday made it feel much later than it really was. But, I’m really excited about this weekend. I’m going to be shooting the Toronto Improv Festival. I already started by shooting the show at the Second City last night. I’m also performing in four shows:

  • Big in Japan – 10am Saturday at the Bad Dog Theatre
  • Asshat Posse – 11:30am Saturday at the Bad Dog Theatre
  • Crazy Eights – 4:30pm Saturday at the Bad Dog Theatre
  • Big in Japan – 6:30pm Sunday at the Bad Dog Theatre

I’m pretty excited about all of these sets. Asshat Posse should be fun. It’s me and Nada, who hasn’t played in a long time, but she’s naturally awesome so I’m not worried. I haven’t done a two-hander (duo set) in quite a long time, but I remember it being challenging and fun.

I’ll be staying in Toronto all weekend, absorbing the improv goodness. Culver gave me the key to his house because he’s out of town this weekend, so I have a place to crash at night and between sets. Nada’s going to hang out with me tonight at Culver’s so we can get synced up for our show in the morning. Check out the pictures from last night here.