I’ve been thinking of getting a small camera for a while. The fact is, having a nice camera means you also have to have a crappy little one, because the nice camera is too heavy to carry around everywhere. It’s also overkill to be taking high megapixel RAW photos at a party. The 70-200mm lens and softboxes are a bit of a killjoy among friends too. I have the Epson, but it doesn’t last very long on one set of batteries, and it’s a bit clunky too.

I wonder how strong my brand loyalty is. Canon is really great at making SLRs, but I’m not too impressed with the compact lineup. I would like something the size of the SD30, but no one in Canada seems to sell it. The SD700 IS is nice because it has image stabilizer, but it seems a bit pricey.

Then there’s the Panasonic DMC-FX8, which looks nice, has a great lens, is priced right, and has excellent ratings. But it’s not Canon! My faith is shaking.