This dude built a car that gets 105 miles per gallon. He spent a year working on it as a hobby, and it cost him a total of $2500. Isn’t it amazing that big car companies can’t seem to do it? Anyway, I checked out his website, and he seems very cool. He’s giving away the instructions for building it, non-patented, because he wants to share the information with the world. Some of the interesting ideas from his website include the fact that we need to be a bit more humble to let ourselves be transported around in something this geeky, and that we need to shift away from the idea that one car should be able to fulfill all our needs.

The weekend has been great so far. I did a headshot shoot on Friday that was fun and easy. I also did some crazy photos with Deb yesterday morning to promote her comedy stuff. We didn’t do a lot of planning. Improvising came in handy.


Big in Japan rehearsal was not bad. We only had four people show up, so it was a decent workout. We worked on scenework, which we haven’t done in a while. We’d been concentrating a lot on openings lately, and I think that paid off in last week’s show. I’m glad to see a return to some emphasis on scenes because that’s the meat of the show. After improv rehearsal, I ended up at an unexpected dinner, and then an unexpected party. Unexpected fun is the best kind.