The Pope spanked Canada for its laws permitting gay marriage and abortion:

“In the name of tolerance, your country has had to endure the folly of the redefinition of spouse,” the Pope told a group of bishops from Ontario. “In the name of freedom of choice, it is confronted with the daily destruction of unborn children.”

Such laws, Benedict said, are the result of “the exclusion of God from the public sphere.”

He lamented that Catholic politicians had yielded to “ephemeral social trends and the spurious demands of opinion polls.”

It’s a good thing popes are ephemeral too. His words are further contribution to the growing irrelevance of the church in the reality of everyday life.

The pope said that Catholic politicians in this country are ignoring their duty by going against traditional Catholic values and supporting what Canadians clearly want. I guess we all forgot that politicians were chosen by God, and not by democratic vote. Do I really want to start considering the religion of my candidate before I vote for him or her? That sounds like prejudice, but if they start listening to the Pope, I will have to start asking that question.

The Chinese call the rear end of a chicken “The Pope’s nose.” The Pope’s nose needs to stay out of Canadian laws, because neither it, nor the shit that comes from the hole beneath it belongs anywhere near them.