I agree with Jen. Every time I go to the States, the paranoia at the border seems to get higher and higher. This time, when going to get Jen at the Buffalo airport, I waited about 30 minutes in a line of cars to cross the border. There were dudes with guns and sniffy dogs patrolling between cars too. I got grilled by the border agent when I got to the front of the line too. One question was, “What time does her flight arrive?” I said, “About 20 minutes ago.” He said, “Why are you so late?” and I said, “Have you seen that line?” pointing behind me. He wasn’t amused. Anyway, I thought it best to just shut up. He searched my car, including the trunk, and then let me pass. I felt really bad for the truck drivers though. The line of trucks waiting to get through the border was at least 5km long, and didn’t seem to be moving. That would be depressing.

One other thing to note… I’ve been to the Buffalo airport countless times, but each time I need to go, I seem to forget how to get there. I always have to look up the directions, and even then, I almost always make a wrong turn on the way back and end up driving through some industrial part of Buffalo that strongly resembles Beiruit after a week of shelling. I blame the complicated highway system in and around Buffalo for getting me lost. Like, who knew you’d need to take 190 South to get to Canada. 😎