USB cannon

Pretty ridiculous, I’d say. It’s a USB-powered cannon that fires foam people across the room into a safety net, playing sound effects that you can customize. It’s similar in usefulness to the USB-powered hamster. The faster you type, the faster the hamster runs. How’s that for a productivity booster?

usb hamster

Anyway, on a more useful note, I joined today. Jen and I are going on a movie spree, and there’s just too much to obtain by down… err… the usual methods. I can get 4 DVDs at a time and up to 11 shipments per month for $24.95. Basically you pick the movies you want from the catalog and put them in your list. They’ll send them to you as soon as they’re available. You send them back after you’ve finished watching and they send you some more. Seems simple enough. I have a two-week free trial to see how I like it.