I finally replaced my black pseudo-leather couch with a new black pseudo-leather couch. I saw it in the window at a furniture store downtown, and it was just too hard to resist.

black klik klak couch

It’s a “klik klak” couch, so named because its arms and back can be adjusted. They’re on ratchet hinges, so to adjust, you just lift the part you want, and it clicks into place. When you get to the most upright position, you lift a bit more, and it goes back to the flat position. I love that you can have one arm up and one arm down. It makes a great chaise lounge for watching TV or reading. The back folds entirely down to make a huge, black bench. I can’t wait to use this in photos somehow.

I moved the old couch into my bedroom. As usual, because I’m impatient and moved it by myself, I managed to dent the bedroom door frame. I always manage to damange something when I move this couch, which was made in the 1970s and weighs a few hundred pounds. Getting it into the bedroom required rearranging furniture in there a bit. I put it under a window, so I can sit there and read if I want. Right now it seems to be more of a gathering place for clothes though. Hmm.

old black thing