I’ve been having a hell of a last few days, and not really in a good way either. It’s been pretty challenging lately. I’ve had some personal failures that have left me feeling pretty empty. I’m frustrated with myself and generally feeling dissatisfied. Things aren’t made any better by the fact that the hard drive in my server decided to die suddenly, meaning I lost all of my music, movies and TV shows. I’d been collecting music for about six years, so I was up to about 50GB of it. There’s a lot of stuff I’ll never find again. I never bothered to back it up because there was just too much of it. All of my backup capacity goes towards saving photos. To make matters worse, while repairing the server, I managed to slice pretty deeply into my thumb on the metal edge of the casing. It’s not even friggin’ sharp, which puzzles me as to how it could cut me so fast and deep. I’m now learning how difficult it is to do stuff without the use of my thumb.

That’s not the point of this post though. I had already decided I would avoid whining and feeling sorry for myself online. I did enough of that offline. My point is that something always puts things into perspective for me. I had a customer drop off two computers for me to repair. One was his, and one was his co-worker’s. I know his co-worker, because he’s my usual contact at that company. He didn’t want to come by my place because he was upset over the loss of his child, who was killed in a car accident a couple of weeks ago. His computer crashed, and he couldn’t bear the thought that all the photos of his son might be lost. I had been feeling bad about my music being gone, but now I feel pretty stupid about that. My loss is minimal. I really hope I can get this guy’s photos back for him.