My body is all freaked out because my schedule has been weird. I didn’t sleep a lot last night. I went to bed by midnight, but since I’m used to not sleeping a lot, I was awake by about 4:30am. I finally got out of bed around 8 and had a piece of toast with honey on it. I really need to get more food that is not pork chops or steak into my house. I met Laura for our first workout together. We did a brisk 2km walk in the rain to the stairs at the Desjardins Canal, and then ran up and down them twice. As usual, I take the stairs two at a time. For some reason, it seems easier that way. By the time I reached the 6th flight of stairs, my legs felt like concrete and I thought I might fall on my face. I switched to one stair at a time to avoid this embarassment. After the 2km walk back to Laura’s, I headed home, where there was still no food at my house. I held out until 3pm when I picked up Dad to take him to the airport. He’s going to India. We went out for a very late lunch in Mississauga, which would be his last chance to have Chinese food for a few weeks. I ate a lot. I dropped Dad off at the airport, and then killed a few hours at the Dixie outlet mall. I bought another pair of shoes. That’s three pairs of shoes this month. I think Jen’s influence is rubbing off on me. I think I can finally throw out those shoes with the holes in the soles. I drove to the Savannah Room, but I was way too early for improv. I curled up in the back seat of the car and had a short nap. The Big in Japan set was good, I think. We’ve been working hard in rehearsal at integrating some new dialogue techniques. We’re experimenting with repetition of our scene partners’ lines, which really gets us in sync and gives us a nice rhythm to our scenes. We’re also occassionally starting scenes like two different monologues, but still addressing the other person. Eventually, the ideas blend together and the scene is richer because it has so much more information in it. The first time we did it tonight, I could tell the audience was a bit shocked that we weren’t initially addressing each other, but it all came together nicely, and the feeling of resolution in the room was very gratifying. Now, I’m sitting here, after having returned from improv, and I’m not sure if I’m hungry or tired. I think I might be both. And now I remember I have a couple of spicy turkey pepperettes in my bag. Yes!