I watched this just now, and through the whole thing, I was thinking, that guy should be president. Al Gore was ridiculed for being boring in the popular media when he ran against George W. Bush. It might be because he’s intellectual and factual, funny, and clearly has leadership qualities. Mysterious. Anyway, the movie was very convincing. He is a very effective advocate for change, and the inconvenient truth he talks about is scary and sad. At the same time, it creates a bit of a helpless feeling, because for every person that Gore convinces, there are 10 ignorant people who refuse to change because change is difficult.

Anyway, there were lots of maps showing what would happen to various places if the sea level were to rise. Jen and I agreed that we should hurry up and buy plane tickets to visit places like Beijing and Shanghai before they disappear underwater.

Watch this movie. It’s important.