I did a shoot yesterday with some exercise dudes in a barn. None of us except the marketing guy knew that this was going to be the stinky, goat-shelter kind of barn. I was expecting a nice hayloft with farming equipment. I left there after about three hours, smelling like goat pee and with my goat poo stuck in the treads of my shoes. It wasn’t the nicest feeling. On the other hand, this is way better than any other day job that I can imagine. I get to do weird and fun things with interesting people, and they pay me. What more could I ask for?


The photo is of Damian. I doubt they’ll use this one, but I found it hilarious. I later told Damian to relax and pretend that everything was cool and normal. I told him we’d pull the goats away if they started chewing his head. The adult goats are curious, but slightly nervous in the background. Only the baby goat is brave enough to eat from the hay bale that Damian is using as a bench. Since these are goats raised for meat, their slight fear of us is not unjustified.