I watched Intermission last night, and really enjoyed it, probably mainly because of the Irish accents. I been talkin to meself in that dialect all marnin’. It reminded me a lot of what Big in Japan has been working on in rehearsals for the last few weeks, picking up on slang used in dialogue, and incorporating it to enhance the realism of the scene. It worked well in Intermission. One character would drop a slang word, and then it would get used consistently throughout the film. It was never explained, but you would understand it from context. It somehow made the world these characters lived in seem more genuine. It was easy to know that “belly fluts” are “butterflies in the stomach” and a “ronnie” is a “moustache.” It was cool to see Colm Meaney in there. I’m so used to seeing him as Transporter Chief Miles O’Brien from Star Trek. Even though I know he’s been in many things since then, it never ceases to amuse me to see him dropping the F-bomb once or twice in every sentence. Anyway, I would give Intermission a 7.5 out of 10. If you’re not from Ireland, I recommend you turn on the subtitles.