I got myself a couple of new toys today. One was a Labtec Ultra Flat keyboard. The funny thing was that Manyk and I were looking at new keyboards. Both of us are fanatical about keyboards. It’s pretty important when you spend as much time in contact with it as we do. I wanted one with flat laptop-like keys, and compact size. The Labtec was perfect. I ordered one for each of us. Then I told Jen about it. Turns out she’s had the same keyboard for about a year, also because she’s fanatical about keyboards. Labtec has a winner here. 😛

I also bought myself a cheap printer that can print on CDs and DVDs. I got an Epson R260. I wasn’t expecting much, but actually it prints very nice photos. It has a six-color ink system, with individual carts for each color. Ink is expensive though, at about $25 per cartridge. Anyway, it seems like I’ll be able to print quite a few CDs with one set of cartridges. I’ve been wanting to make my own printable CDs for a long time, and finally I can. I made a couple of quick layouts with the included Epson CD printing software, and they printed beautifully on my Ritek “printable to hub” CDs from blankdvdmedia.com.


It’s pretty easy for me to change the background image and adjust it to the right size and position. I can then change the text colors to match. Maybe if I’m feeling generous, I could customize each CD for the customer.