I’ve already written a blog with this title, but it still fits. I took Jen to the airport yesterday. It was sad to see her go. After two months of living with someone you get into a certain pattern and comfort level. But, I know I’ll see her again soon, and we’ve got a lot of fun things planned for my next trip to Europe. Hopefully we’ll get to take a train to Russia and see St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Anyway, my place feels very empty now. I’ve come home plenty of times in the last couple of months when Jen has been out with friends, or sleeping, or whatever. But this definitely feels different. I’ll get used to it soon, but it was a bit lonely for sure.

In other news, I booked a flight today. It was a bit of a snap decision to go, but I decided to take James up on his offer to go down to San Francisco to hang out him and his brother over New Years. We’ll check out some concerts, do some skiing, and just chill. I’m looking forward to the getaway. New Years and the holiday season here has the potential to be a bit depressing this year, so I’ll make like a tree and leave for a bit. I’ll be gone from December 29 until January 7.