Ahh I hate when people use words like “holidaze” trying to be clever. It’s not clever, it’s a cliche. I’m using it to be ironic, which is different from being clever 😛

Anyway, this is the odd period in between Christmas and New Years, which means it’s not a holiday, but it has the same kind of productivity as a holiday, which is to say none. This year, I’m trying to cram a lot of things in though, because I’m off to San Francisco in a couple of days. My flight takes off at 7am on Friday morning, so I’ll be staying at James’s house in King City on Thursday night. Until then, I’ve got my schedule pretty much packed up with things to do, working and meeting friends and stuff.

Christmas was great. It was good to reconnect with family. I haven’t seen Jadine in ages. I think it was last Christmas, actually. And of course, we had multiple opportunities to eat way too much in the last few days. I’m still full from dinner three days ago. The only problem is that we had a lot of equally big meals since then. I’m almost hoping there’s no food in San Francisco.

I got some fun gifts. I got a tiny stove-top espresso maker, an assortment of funky Japanese candy, my tiny Canon camera, a memory card for it, a variety of Indian spices, a cookbook of 30-minute recipes, and a 14-month calendar on a mouse pad. That’s exactly what I need because I haven’t been able to do all the things I’ve wanted to do in a year in the standard 12 months. The two extras will come in handy. I’ve been enjoying the little camera. It makes photography a much more casual process again when the camera fits in your pocket. The espresso machine is deceptively large. It looks tiny, but actually brews about 4 cups of espresso at a time. Since I was making espresso for myself, I ended up drinking all four by myself. I couldn’t stop my fingers and toes from tapping–vibrating really–for the next three hours. Ahh good times.