I was thinking this morning about improv, and how in many ways, the goal is to create another world. That is to say, improvisers create in their own minds and the minds of the audience a world that is similar to our own, and at the same time different. It’s a world in which anything can happen. It got me to thinking about the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? I saw last week, and also the Discovering the 10 Dimensions link that Olya had in her blog a while back. Quantum theory talks about the potential of infinite possibilities, which fold into our reality as we make choices. During the course of a normal day, we make normal choices, which collapses the potential things that can happen into something more or less normal for us. Improv allows us the freedom from consequence to make those bold and courageous choices that create entirely different worlds. I found that to be a neat thought this morning. I hope these thoughts give me the inspiration to make bold and courageous choices tonight. Big in Japan is performing in a kind of year-end show. If anyone wants to go, it’s at the Bad Dog Theatre on the Danforth at Broadview at 8pm.