So BenQ, the Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer is taking some flak for their advertisement that uses the crumbled ruins of the World Trade Center as a background. They’re selling an MP3 player, by the way.


Aside from the obvious misspelling, the ad campaign is clearly in bad taste. It’s profiting from a tragedy. There have been plenty of people who have profited from that day, though. The news media went nuts over it. There have been plenty of books written about it. And I doubt that Oliver Stone will be donating the profits of his WTC film to 9/11 widows. There was even a series of tacky Franklin Mint coins made to commemorate the day. The biggest problem that people seem to have with the WTC ad is that it was made outside of America.

Outrage aside, the funniest and most true comment made about the ad is this:

doug @ Dec 1st 2006 6:49PM

yeah, that ain’t right. After all, they already used 9/11 to sell us one unnecessary war.